jueves, 24 de julio de 2014

El mar maldito

The script says: 
A monster with bad appearance, like an orc, very skinny, almost skeletal, covered only by a torn rag and as a human skull wearing hat tied with a rope.

This is how my mind works:



3. After reading the script I wanted the monster look like a fish but with a lot of shit from the sea over his body, something like a coral. 
As a sunken or those planes falling into the sea and then no one can find and we all have to believe it's true. 
BAAAaaahhh really? 
They can find a iphone that is hidden anywhere on earth by satellites and can not find a plane? 
After my reflection I remembered this educational movie and this beautiful creature

4. Here is it

5. Ink

6. first page
While writing this new post I remembered the legal dispute over the creation of spider-man between 
Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

Drawings by Ditko

I'm agree with Ditko.

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